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Wouldn’t you already have that job if you had convinced the interviewer you were the right person?

Ruben Gonzalez
Career Coach & Recruiter

Helping develop professionals

since 2009

To land the job or get the promotion, it isn't enough to optimize your resume or the

key words of your LinkedIn profile,

even with your academic



All these tricks and

attributes are barely

enough to get you an

interview along with 10 or

12 other candidates or colleagues.

However, the job is just for one person.

If you're not able to convince your interviewer

in real time that you are the best choice

for the challenge, you'll inevitably

find that the opportunity will

go to another person.

It is your ability to

influence and negotiate

that will make the difference

between being chosen and the rest.

If you want to be that one...

I can help you get there in three  ways.

Assessment & Feedback Session

  • Realize what you convey when you speak.

  • Know what people think when they talk to you.

  • Measure how credible your speech is.

  • Find out how you could improve all the above.

Interview & Meeting Training

  • Learn to prepare the format and content of an interview or meeting.

  • Master the difference between face-to-face and online meetings.

  • Convey confidence without sounding arrogant.

  • Are you shy? Don't worry, almost no one gets eliminated for that, but if you're still worried about it, we can work on that too.

1:1 Persuasion & Negotiation Coaching

  • As a leader you can't do anything if the people around you don't believe you, respect you or trust you.

  • You can transform your professional relationships into an asset to achieve what you want without people resisting or rejecting you.

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Ruben is a highly experienced career counsellor who was instrumental in helping me gain clarity about my career goals. He communicates directly, is flexible, ... With his support and advice, I was able to define my professional motivations and build lifelong (professional) vision. He also constantly challenged me to try new techniques that were outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to "put myself out there". 


Rubén has a great perception that allowed me to find the origin of my obstacles quickly, greatly improving my professional and personal development, for which I am very grateful. An excellent coach, motivating and very professional


My Coaching Program with Ruben was a completely enriching experience both personally and for my career. He is able to get the best out of you every session. He is very professional and I recommend him 100%


Ruben is a highly committed professional in his work. He is client-oriented, and adds value to all of the work it does. For Ariel Job Center, he has been a huge professional support - demonstrating his interest in helping others and people oriented attitude.

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