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The career and life you deserve are beyond your fears, anxiety, and limiting beliefs.

Get better results and balance by easing your mind and heart.

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Fear, anger, and anxiety are the most powerful triggers.

They are responsible of tons of thoughts, limiting beliefs, dialogues, and behaviors. 

Those emotions are fully capable of shaping your life, without asking if you like the outcome or not.

⛔Just think about how fear controls what you do and don't do.
⛔How many opportunities you are letting go right now because you are scared.
⛔How many important moments and decisions are being ruined due to anxiety.
⛔How many relationships were destroyed due to anger.
⛔How many times you gave up just because you thought you can't.
⛔How much imbalance causes a burnout crisis.


How you can bounce back?

✅By learning to identify and fix those patterns that control much of the results you are getting now from your career and life.

✅By disarming the traps and tricks that your ego prepares for you day by day.

✅By matching the correct emotion with the events you want to create for your career and life.

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Ruben Gonzalez

Executive Coach with more than a decade of experience helping companies and professionals reaching their goals and overcoming their challenges.

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Ruben is a highly experienced career counsellor who was instrumental in helping me gain clarity about my career goals. He communicates directly, is flexible, ... With his support and advice, I was able to define my professional motivations and build lifelong (professional) vision. He also constantly challenged me to try new techniques that were outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to "put myself out there". 


Rubén has a great perception that allowed me to find the origin of my obstacles quickly, greatly improving my professional and personal development, for which I am very grateful. An excellent coach, motivating and very professional


My Coaching Program with Ruben was a completely enriching experience both personally and for my career. He is able to get the best out of you every session. He is very professional and I recommend him 100%


Ruben is a highly committed professional in his work. He is client-oriented, and adds value to all of the work it does. For Ariel Job Center, he has been a huge professional support - demonstrating his interest in helping others and people oriented attitude.


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